Russia: Home of vodka and jet-powered BMW E30s

46w ago


Russia is possibly the craziest country in the world. Health and safety regulations don’t seem to exist, especially when people like Igor Negoda are putting jet engines into BMWs.

Clearly specialising in this kind of stuff, this YouTuber once installed a small turbine to a push-bike and has now stepped up to a BMW 3 Series.

Sourced from a MIG-23 fighter, the TS-21 turbine was given to Negoda by a subscriber and only produces 45kW, but an impressive 400Nm.

Usually located at the back of a plane, the turbine is an auxiliary power unit (APU), which is used to start a jet's main engine and run the electrics.

Only in Russia. (image credit: Igor Negoda)

Amazingly, the original BMW manual gearbox is connected to the jet engine using an adaptor plate.

Even more impressive is how well this sedan can turn rubber into atomised particles, just watch the video to see what I mean.

As already mentioned, Negoda has previously created some wild stuff, so who knows how crazy his next project will be.

What car would you like to see powered by a jet engine? Let us know in the comments.

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