Russia to grant EVs toll-free status from 2022

The government's new policy attempts to increase the national sales of electric cars.

As part of the Development Concept for the Production and Use of Electric Automobile Transport, the Russian Government will allow electric cars to travel on roads with tolls without having to pay anything.

This initiative aims to increase the amount of EVs sold in Russia to 25,000 by 2024, and increase the national market share of EVs in the country to 10% by 2030; as of now, EVs make up 0.05% of the national car market share.

By 2024, the Russian government also aims to install 9000 charging stations across the country, with the number set to reach 72,000 by the end of the decade, which should create around 39,000 jobs.

As of now, EV investments have been focused on public transport, with 5.5% of buses in Moscow running on electricity - which is close to the EU average of 6.1% - while in the rest of the country that number is 0.6%.

I see there's a couple of problems with this: the road infrastructure in Russia is utter bollocks, most of Russians don't have enough money to afford an EV, and I'm pretty sure most of the money invested in this initiative will be spent on another one of Putin's palaces.

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  • Was that last paragraph necessary? 🙄

      2 days ago
  • But how are they producing the electricity??

      2 days ago