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Russian weapons manufacturer is making a hydrogen-hybrid car

Unfortunately it's not a Kalashnikov, but knowing the company - it might pack a punch . . or explode mid-way into your trip.

Almaz-Antey, a state-owned company manufacturing missiles, artillery shells and air defence systems has been in advanced phase of testing a car! In the traditions of Russian secrecy, two platform have been presented, already in testing and advanced development.

The first platform is purely electric, it's got two electric motors of unknown potential, a 90 kWh battery pack in a relatively compact size. It could also be optioned with a smaller, 75 kWh battery, if you're a city dweller and price is a priority, rather than range.

Credit: MotorRu

Credit: MotorRu

The second platform is the one people should be excited. Codenamed E-NEVA, in honour of the river that cuts through Saint Petersburg, it contains big battery pack and a relatively big hydrogen tank, claiming range of over 1000 km (810 km electric-only). The combination of 70 kWh battery and 52 litres (3.7 kg) hydrogen tank for the fuel cells would give this project a remarkable flexibility. 0-100 km/h has been placed around 8 seconds, with the top speed being limited to 185 km/h

Hydrogen would not exactly be an issue either, since Almaz-Antey has a sizeable amount of shares in nuclear facilities, which are one of the major hydrogen producers. Remains to be seen how fast the Russian state can build the necessary infrastructure, but the company is in a good position to make demands, since it earns $10 billion per year in defence contracts.

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  • Just think of how well off the earth would be if all the weapons manufacturers focused their talents on making things that benefit mankind rather than destroying it….

      29 days ago
    • Artillery pieces are used to control avalanches. Modified rifles are used to throw lines between ships. Ballistic missile engineers put us into space. Nuclear power resulted from nuclear bombs. I hear what you're saying, and I think it's...

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        23 days ago
  • Still safer than a chevy volt

      1 month ago
  • What

      1 month ago