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4y ago

Sometimes you’re given an opportunity to do things you never though would happen, to see something or meet someone you have followed for years across various media, someone who, without realising it has influenced you greatly.

When we heard about this event, there was no doubt we would go, blog or no blog, we’d have to be there to take it all in. Fortunately for us, Profusion customs had arranged for the whole thing to be a pretty open affair, allowing people like us to come down and see the car being worked on and eventually unveiled.

When we arrived, there was a great selection of cars on the industrial estate, clearly a lot of enthusiasts had made the pilgrimage.

When we arrived, the car was very nearly finished, the last few parts being carefully bolted on by the crew and Nakai keeping a close eye on the proceedings and offering advice where necessary.

Once the car was ready to be unveiled, the garage was opened up for us to have a look, as well as grab a chance to speak to Nakai. This was what we’d been waiting for, a chance to meet a living legend. I also had a little homage to his work with me….

…which of course, I had to get him to sign, this is one shirt that won’t be getting washed!

Some people brought hats, hoodies, books and much more to be signed…

..including this guy and his carbon wing, fantastic!

Nakai took the time to speak to everyone who approached him, a true gentleman.

Soon it was time for the car to be unveiled officially in the afternoon sunshine.

The crowds were ready and waiting for, cameras at the ready.

The wing to end all wings!

The wing to end all wings!

Those rear over-over fenders, ridiculously cool!

Those rear over-over fenders, ridiculously cool!

You get a real sense of the width of the rear wheels in this shot, pardon the pun but it’s staggering!

You get a real sense of the width of the rear wheels in this shot, pardon the pun but it’s staggering!

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Whilst everyone was still pouring over the car, Nakai sat in the signature armchair and chilled out, he really is exactly as he comes across in the interviews – calm, quiet and cool as hell.

To be honest, I think he was glad to have a bit of peace and quiet after such a busy few days and so many people coming to show their appreciation for his work. It must be exhausting!

So there you have it, the UK’s first RWB 911, I’m sure it won’t be the last, but it will always be remembered.

Huge thanks to Profusion Customs for allowing the public to come and see the work being done and being so hospitable, check their website here.

Check out some more pictures from the day at and

Thanks for reading, be sure to stay in touch on our social media which is all @starlikeuk


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  • Makes a 991 GT3 RS appear very plain-Jane!

      4 years ago