RWB KIT ON A VOLVO 240 _ HOW (and why) was it made?

2y ago


For a while now we have watched the car scene being invaded by wider cars. Liberty Walk/LB Performance, Rocket Bunny, among some others have made a strong point about how many cars can be improved visually, with their wide body kits. Not in every case, of course. For example I hate to see the exact same Liberty walk kit on an Aventador, on a 458 AND on a GTR. But hey, to each their own.

My favorite among the bunch would definitely be RWB. Rauh Welt Begriff. Do I even need to state why? Because I am not the best at writing stories, I'd just say that I don't need to state why, as it's very obvious.

This is a Volvo 240 tank, with an RWB kit on. And many people have been asking how it's done. (The digital version, of course) Making this happen in real life will be quite tricky, perhaps. Especially getting RWB to even consider working on a tank... Anyway. The video below shows how we can take a simple stock image and turn into a wider RWBeautiful Dream. (oh my, did I just...)


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RWB Volvo 240 - This is how it was done.

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