RX team hungry join world rallycross championship

1y ago


The new team will be fielded by Gigi Galli and Lukacs “Csucsu” Kornel! They will both be driving a Kio Rio Supercar! No one else is currently fielding this car so this add even more diversity to the championship!

However it seems that Galli will not be joining the championship straight away as his teammate Kornel will be using Galli's old Rio Supercar. Kornel will be a permanent entry into the calendar and is expected to race in every round, however Galli has announced he will only be racing in select rounds, and has already announced that he will be missing the first two, which will be held in Barcelona and Portugal. So this already puts them out of contention for the manufactures championship

Galli has been announced as the team manager, and we can only wish the two racers the best of luck throughout the championship! I cannot wait to see how the Rio does, let us know what you think of the car down below. For more RX news and announcements like this, don't forget to follow our tribe.

“I could not find the words, because I felt incredible that someone who I admired as a kid was now sitting in front of me as a potential partner.”

Lukacs Kornel