Ryan RocKs Writing about Cars #Driven

Someone Please Buy/give me a Hellcat... Or Kitt from Knightrider... whatever.

Ryan RocKs Writing about Cars #Driven

American Muscle Cars... the stuff of dreams. Big engines, big noise, big everything.

It's a culture we aren't all that familiar with first hand in the UK. It is a very American tradition. Cars literally handed down through the generations from father to son. Cars that are part of the family. Amazing machines, that just seem way more accessible to American people.

Our exposure in the UK is Television based. At least in my child hood it was. The A-Team Van, The Knight Rider Trans AM, to a lesser extent (for me) the Grand Torino from Starsky and Hutch.
Even now, more modern day things aren't much different. I get my Muscle Car exposure from the TV show "Supernatural" where they have a cool black Impala.

Just a quick look on Auto Trader as I write this, shows me that if you want something like a Chevrolet: Chevelle SS or Caprice or Impala... then... you can't.

It's True... There actually isn't any (well.. there was one Under the heading "Impala", which turned out to be an El Camino with a brand new Crate motor in it.) a 1959 for £49,995. Which is, a lot.

And a few weeks back, a standard Black Trans Am that looked like KITT from Knight Rider. I've never wanted instant access to £10,000 more than I did when I saw it... Just because.. you know... Childhood nostalgia.

Seriously this is the Car that was for sale... my inner child almost exploded with excitement,,,, again... Nostalgia!!

Seriously this is the Car that was for sale... my inner child almost exploded with excitement,,,, again... Nostalgia!!

But... it would never be a daily driver. Not here. The cost of fuel alone would be astronomical and try finding parts if it breaks down. Which cars 30 - 50 years old will inevitably do.

Then there's the sheer size of these cars. If you live in a normal town in the UK, parking one would be a nightmare. They are massive. Now, I know that this is a very British view on the subject. But that's the point I'm making.

So, in Britain, at least, the American Muscle Car experience is very much a dream. Reserved for the wealthy and the privileged. Which is ironic because they were designed and built by and for the American working class. The blue collar heroes.

In America, I saw Muscle cars, normal people owned them. Some were even driven on a regular basis, maybe not daily drivers to work and back but on an evening and weekends. They were used. And loved.
In the short time I spent visiting I saw a demolition derby, speedway racing, several car shows and a few car museums.
The car culture is huge. It's accessible. You can search the classifieds and find thousands of cars under 15000 dollars.

At today's exchange rate I know that isn't that cheap. But the point is, if you wanted a Muscle car, you could have one. You could buy a beat up example and fix it yourself.
If you aren't that way inclined you can still get a decent runner, really easily.

It's something that really is Geographically specific. I'm know of other country's that have a similar thing too. Australia for example (mad max, anyone), but the spot light is on American Muscle cars. Posters, screen savers. I bet you have at least one favourite.

MY current Favourite, incase you wondered... (not anything to do with the fact it looks similar to KITT)

MY current Favourite, incase you wondered... (not anything to do with the fact it looks similar to KITT)

In a land of Hot Hatch Backs and after market Alloy Wheels. Cars I had access to in my formative car years. Friends had Citroen Saxo's, Ford Focus (not even the ST, I had a 1.6 LX) Vauxhall Astra's, Honda Civic's, Subaru Impreza's and so on, you get the idea.

The idea of owning or knowing someone who has a Chevrolet Camero, or Dodge Charger or Challenger or a Ford Mustang (to name just a few main stream examples) is a very alien concept.

Tell me your experiences, what was your first car? What part of the world was it in? I can't wait to hear different perspectives and for us all to share with each other.

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  • Oh I get that, I initially wanted mine to spell out 'RocK' but the 3 letter thing put that askew. I did toy with RoK or RoC but it wasn't the same, so I went with 'Ryan RocKs the Realworld' but that then evolved and became the Now,

    "Rocking The Wheelworld"

    A process but we got there, and I can live with it...

    Still wanted RocK though...

      4 years ago
  • You're welcome Ryan. I have great expectations for this platform and I wish you all the best with it.

    BTW, being a fan of puns and wordplay myself, I did like your choice of name for the tribe! It's why I chose a combination that would spell out a word with its acronym, and I'm surprised more haven't done so.

      4 years ago
  • Thanks Dishan, that's an awesome insight into your intro to cars. Exactly the kind of discussion I'd like to cultivate here.

    We all come from different geographical locations and different backgrounds. Which means there will be a wealth of stories and experiences.

    What seems ordinary and mundane, is exotic and interesting to someone in another part of the World.

    Exactly the Reason My Tribe is a through the lens, life in the Realworld (Wheelworld) Point of view.

      4 years ago
  • I had a couple of "near miss" first cars shall I say. There was the awful Subaru Sherpa that I had for less than 24 hours, which I handed back to the guy I was buying it from because it stalled on me in the *middle of an intersection* as I was making a turn with oncoming traffic barrelling towards me. It generally needed to be revved like a garden trimmer to move anywhere (sounded like one too!).

    Then there was a Datsun 120Y which was given to me as a gag by friends for my birthday... as revenge I swore I would get it running, but I gave up on it soon after. I eventually bought my mother's 1985 Toyota Corolla and racked up a phenomenal amount of kilometres in it before getting a new Renaultsport Clio 172 in 2002. The rest is history!

    Cheers, Dishan

    Melb. AUS

      4 years ago