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S-Tuner (stuner.net) is a car building website which was launched on late 2013. The website was built by John Wilson, who lives in Australia. The "S" in S-Tuner stands for S-Chassis, but due to popular demand, 10 different manufacturers now exist with over 70 models to choose from. Recently, 2 European brands have been introduced into S-Tuner, BMW and Volkswagen.

S-Tuner started life as an Australian-focused car builder known as FalconBuilder. The site was very simple, limited, and lesser known. With the NZ-based FB page S-Chassis giving their Aussie cousin's page a boost, the popularity grew quickly. Now there are 3 separate sites and well over 6000 people in the ever-growing community full of different preferences and styles.

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Not into Japanese cars? Then FalconBuilder and CommoConfigurator are for you. The Camaro in this familiar scene can be found on CommoConfigurator, and the Mustang can be found on FalconBuilder. CommoConfigurator focuses on Holdens but also has a few Chevys. FalconBuilder focuses on AUDM Fords but also has a few American goodies.

S-Tuner is full of amazing features, the most basic being copying, positioning, and altering the size of any part you can select. However, there are a lot more features that allow you to push S-Tuner to its full potential. With numerous parts to select from, you have a lot to experiment with.

Decals/liveries/wraps or whatever you want to call them are a big part in S-Tuner. With the option to import graphics, you are able to drastically change the looks of your car and stand out. And S-Tuner has made it a lot easier for the users as well, allowing the users to export front, side, back, and top templates for their graphics which come in 2048x1024 resolution.

With templates, you are able to precisely position your stickers.

Until around mid-2015, people figured out how to make their own "mods" for S-Tuner, which involves the programme called Blender, and a "Python script". This Python script has been refined throughout the months and now, we have a wide selection of easy-to-use mods to load into S-Tuner, such as these beauties below. Making an S-Tuner mod is to take any 3D model and convert it to 3dt format.

This one's for the Mopar fans.

Mods are available to download from the public FB group S-Tuner Black Market Imports, this means you don't have to be a member to dig into their files. Another S-Tuner mods group named Karalis Lab Works has their own website, klabworks.weebly.com which also provide high-quality and easy-to-use mods.

BMI's Cayman GT4, converted by Pras Rat, with my personal added Most Wanted touch.

If you are interested after reading this, be sure to join the FB groups S-Tuner Worx and S-Tuner World Wide Community if you wish to, or you can join S-Tuner's forums if you prefer forums over social media. We wish to meet you soon! Enjoy this gallery straight from the community!

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