S73T, the unknown V12 Mercedes wagon

Originally built for the Sultan of Brunei

8w ago

Though not much is known about this particular Mercedes given the rarity, what we do know is that it has a 7.3 L V12 from the Pagani Zonda and was capable of reaching speeds of 200 mph.

Built off of a Mercedes S-Class, this is considered to be one of the longest and most powerful wagons of all time. The horsepower was rated at an astonishing 565 hp going to the rear wheels, which was more than most Lamborghini's of the time.

For the interior, it is fitted with black leather all around with the steering wheel to the right and is equipped with an automatic transmission. However, there are no current photographs of the backseats.

As for now, it is unknown whether the S73T is still in the hands of the royal family rotting away in the garage, or sold to a private collector. The sultan originally ordered 15 of these machines, but it was said that only 10 showed up.

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