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For as long as I've loved cars, I've loved Saab. They'd hold your gaze for that split second longer than any other every day car. They had a Swedish cool that Volvo would only capitalise on years later.

After WW2, Saab didn't have the demand for their planes anymore and decided to step into the car world. Not looking to copy others and go their own way, Saab set about becoming an innovative brand that would capture the hearts of the petrolhead nation.

In recent years, the brand has met with a horrible demise due to financial difficulty and being bought and sold by various companies. They lost their mojo and started to just be a badge slapped on another manufacturer's frame. I'm worried that the future petrolhead generations won't know how cool Saab were, so I've gone to my classic Donut Media sources and found the 'everything you need to know' video that will help keep the Saab spirit alive.

Watch the video here:

Have you ever owned or do own a Saab? Let me know about it in the comments. If you've got a picture of it then muchos bonus points to you!

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