SAAB & VOLVO Grand meet 2016

In april 2016, SAAB and volvo enthusiasts gathered together in Kedainiai aerodrome, lithuania

In Kedainiai airfield, where drift, slalom and drag guys often takes control and organises events, this time, SAAB jets and Volvo bricks took over control. First time in Lithuania history such international (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus) event occurred. That happened on April 16th. Organizers: Saab Lithuania and

First time in Lithuania history SAAB and Volvo international event occurred


Organizers expressed only one condition: no matter what condition, year or modifications, but you have to have SAAB or Volvo. The main goal was to bring together people who love, crazy for or.. just likes Swedish cars. Well, I was one of them. I own 9-5 MY00, Aero model. I'll show that in near future.

We met in Kaunas, then drove all together to airfield, where event was. First of all we warm up with coffee, discussed with praticipants, and then the contests began.

Drag races


The most beautiful car

The most beautiful wheels

Best exaust sound

Lowest car

There was even 3 services for Grand Meet participants

1. Tech2 (SAAB), Vida (Volvo) diagnostics.
2. Consultations that will be associated with Saab and Volvo car breakdowns, maintenance and service.
3. Small repair (under the circumstances), such as: errors deletion, vacuum, valve reversals and similar stuff.

Event wen pretty smooth (we had some car breakdowns in drag races..), but overall we were happy about grand meet, as well as guests from neighborhood countries.

We hope to meet in 2017!

Credits: Lukas Laurikietis Photography

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