- The Sabra Sport GT (Photo Credits : www.Motor1.com )


Most people do not know that Israel as well can boast its own automotive history when in the 1950s the company Sabra was born.

Sabra means both "born in Israel" and "cactus" ( Photo Credits : www.pinterest.com )

In the beginning, the Sabra built small cars, in 1961 to enter the sports car sector, and the company projected a small coupé.

Rear section of the Sport GT ( Photo Credits : www.Motor1.com )

It was the Sport GT and it was presented at the motor show held in New York the same year. The car featured a structure composed of a frame designed by Leslie Ballamy wrapped in a fibreglass body.

Some Sport GT just left the assembly line ( Photo Credits : www.wikimedia.com )

The engine was chosen as a four-cylinder Ford 1.7 driven by a four-speed manual transmission and capable of pushing the vehicle up to a top speed of 175 km/h.

The four-cylinder Ford 1.7 engine ( Photo Credits : www.hemmings.com )

Equipped with an independent suspension system and a braking system consisting of four disc brakes, the Sport GT was built in just under 200 units until 1967. The company later began a period of financial crisis due to the conflict that raged between Israel and its neighbouring states, which led to stopping the entire production.

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  • The car was co-developed with Reliant in the UK, who built and sold a RHD version called the Reliant Sabre. Reliant later updated the car slightly and fitted a 2.5 litre six cylinder Ford engine to make the Sabre six pictured.

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  • Whaaaaattttt. Never knew of these

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