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Sacrilege or Saviour?

Let me explain, usually what follows is never really a good explanation but aha! This is.

I was scrolling through the news yesterday and I chanced upon an article about these people who are partaking in a dangerous activity. Two men in the UK have started replacing the engines from classic cars with an electric motor and batteries! Some might see this as a great idea, however some of the more staunch petrol heads might call it the work of the evil one.

Due to the current increasing trend in electric cars and the worries that cars that run on fossil fuels will eventually become fossils themselves, these two pioneers seem to have found a solution. They say that they love classic cars and have owned many throughout their lives and to prevent their style and elegance from fading away into the history books they have started their new project called classic electric cars to to keep these exotic vehicles on the road for future generations to admire! In some way what they are doing is quite noble and normally I would approve of this but please chaps lets us enjoy our petrol powered classics for a little longer. Funnily enough, this movement comes from the place where the industrial revolution was born and these guys were genuine mechanics not some tree hugging hippies!

I have created a quiz below so you can cast your vote on whether you think this is a good idea or not!?

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  • I see there are plenty of people saying “one day, just not now, please” but consider this: do you want the skills, knowledge and technology to be GREAT by the time this becomes important in your eyes? Or do you only want people to be starting from scratch, and figuring it out as they go, by that time?

    In other words - when it’s YOUR classic that needs an electric motor retrofitting to it, do you want the job done well, or royally bodged?

    1 year ago
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  • Provided someone keeps the engine or it's a classic for its body not it's engine/performance then I'm ok with it... Would take a little getting used to I'm sure but if it means the memory of the car is preserved then why not?! I agree however it might be a little too soon to start doing this but someone has to start it at some point and how else will technology improve? Just to be hypocritical though... Give me an ICE any day!

    1 year ago
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    • There are some plusses to this but the common verdict is that its a little early for it, thanks for reading Craig!

      1 year ago
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