Salem lookalike forces delay at WEC finale

1y ago


Where does your cat go in the evenings? Maybe a shmoose around the neighbourhood bins, or even for a punch-up with the baddest pussy on the street? Well this fat furry catpuss couldn't believe just how paw-biting the WEC action was during the final six hour race that would conclude the 2017 WEC season.

Bahrain's Bagpuss somehow managed to sneak out onto the racetrack while LMP1, LMP2 and GTE cars were battling it out, forcing the yellow flags to come out and briefly putting a stop to the nail-biting racing at hand.

Thankfully the cat managed to stay away from any of the cars and made a run for it into the gravel trap. We can also confirm that it was soon collected by a veterinarian and is safe and sound. But we reckon this bad kitty won't be getting any catnip tonight and will definitely be on dry nibbles for at least a week.

Oh, Toyota won the race by the way.

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