Sales dive forces Chevrolet to produce a new Camaro

7w ago


For the 2019 model year the Camaro SS was given a rather extensive facelift, pictured above.

With an enormous front grill and floating bow tie, Chevrolet had hoped that this new futuristic look might spice up the market. Instead, it received a very different response and was torn apart online.

Following this the Camaro sales have taken a huge dive leaving the car makers without any other option but to re-do the facelift in a desperate attempt to re-light the flame.

The facelift’s facelift

Comparing the two images it looks as though not much has changed. Chevrolet has changed the cross-member to be the same colour as the body which gives the car a tidier looking grill. The bow-tie, previously named the ‘flow-tie’ has been moved to a much more natural looking place on the front end also.

The new car and its new brave shock yellow paint job, which by the way looks fantastic with the black alloys and bonnet details; are both expected to be on show at SEMA.

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  • Which one is the new one?

    1 month ago
  • I saw a facelifted 2019 Camaro in real life and it looks horrific

    1 month ago
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