Salomondrin Makes Idiotic Move On Public Roads

Watch out! It's a YouTuber!

3y ago

If you haven't been paying attention to Salomondrin on YouTube, you've been missing out on hits such as "Can the Nismo GTR get you a hot wife!?," "5 Things I hate about my McLaren 720s *Virgin Style*," and "Things hot girls love about cars."

Salomondrin is a real estate aficionado who also runs a lifestyle vlog about his life in Los Angeles based around the several high-dollar cars in his ownership. Admittedly, though most of his content is not for me personally, it's not all bad. The guy does have a sizable following on his channel, and you can't argue with metrics.

But this... this shouldn't happen. Aggressive driving on public roads while filming with one hand off the wheel is an incredibly asinine move on his part. Skip to 9:44 for the scene in question.

If Salomondrin wanted to do this on a race track or drag strip, there would be no issue with his actions. I get it, sort of - make a quick video close to home to avoid all the time required to get to the track, provided it's even available. However, it should go without saying that this kind of behavior on busy, public roads is below anyone with respect for one's peers is reckless at least.

No illegal street racing on our channel! Check it out!

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Comments (4)

  • These guys are working hard for that "rich but stupid" stereotype. I subscribed to many of exotic car owners channels when they have started popping up a few years ago. Now I see the world they film is very infantile and shallow. Even grown ups like Shmee often talks about value, depreciation and mileage he can put in a particular vehicle, making the supercar ownership experience look very miserable. Where the simple love for cars has gone?

      3 years ago
    • it has gone as the price gets above $500k :D ... the simple love you mentioned is Honda Civic, let's be real ;)

        2 years ago
  • I like the dude... it's really sad that there's so many imbeciles commenting negativity... of course he blocked the comment section and it was smart thing to do

      2 years ago
  • I called him out on this on Youtube already. It should be called to a stop. Azealous cop would make a case for them going 120mph or so in city limits. No matter there was no radar gun or speedo ready. There's 60fps HD video.

    Is there some douchebaggery competition now that Mr. JWW has raised the bar testing cars on Italian B roads going from legal speeds to downshifting to 5-6 seconds full throtttle? On a 60 or 80 road, with traffic on the opposite lane?

      3 years ago