Salomondrin's Porsche Carrera GT is now for sale

2w ago


As you may have heard, Youtube star, Salomondrin has sold all of his sports cars after a recent issue resulting in the end of his brand new McLaren Senna.

One of the cars he was going to put up for sale was his beloved 2005 Porsche Carrera GT which he had painted in Porsche’s historical colour, Rubystone Red.

The car is now up for grabs at iLusso in California and has a price tag of $675,000 which isn’t all that bad considering you will be getting a RWD six speed 5.7L V10 with only 3,190 miles on the clock.

This is definitely a one of one CGT with a wicked look and quite a cool history.

Here's a selection of screenshots taken from the website which show the car in all its glory

Check out the car for sale at:

This is a rich man's opportunity of a lifetime to get what is arguably one of the best cars in existance.

Was it a wise decision for him to sell the car he swore he would never sell?