SALT IN THE BLOOD. Tyler Malinky And His ‘Poison Ivy’ ’55 Triumph T110 Salt Racer

1y ago


Within the course of an hour I went from wanting to roll my bike off a cliff to howling like a wolf with overwhelming happiness. Now that I have been racing for a number of years I can tell you that this is completely normal. Racing can bring lows and outright frustrations, but it can also bring you the sweetest joy and sense of accomplishment possible.

I built Poison Ivy back in 2010. I had started to mock up this 1955 Triumph T110 as a street bike, a chopper, but then changed direction with the aim to race at the Bonneville Salt Flats at Speed Week in August of 2010. Poison Ivy was entered in the A-VG 750cc class. The A stands for Special Construction, which means a purpose built race bike, not a modified stock bike. The V stands for Vintage, which at Bonneville means 1955 and earlier. The G stands for gas, as I would be running gasoline as opposed to methanol, nitro, or any other fuel. The 750cc was my class displacement due to the fact that I had a bored out 650 c.c. Triumph, just 0.070” over stock bore which pushed me to 681 c.c., a disadvantage in the 750 class.


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