- Sam Bird (left) maintains his record of being the only driver to win in every season of Formula E (Credit: Jaguar Racing)

Sam Bird wins in Diriyah after race ended early

The race was red-flagged with 2 minutes +1 lap to go and was not restarted after a multi-car crash.

UPDATE (at 22:07 GMT, 27/02) - Alex Lynn has been discharged from hospital and will be back with the team for Rome.

Race Briefing:

Sam Bird, the Brit who ditched Envision Virgin purple for Jaguar blue takes his first victory at his new team, in a race marred by countless crashes.

Bird started the race from third place, disappointed with his starting position, believing he was in with a good shout for pole position; in fact, he took provisional pole before Sergio Sette Camara and Robin Frijns both set storming lap times to squeeze ahead of the Briton.

Camara slipped down the order, and we were treated with a race-long bout between former teammates Frijns and Bird for the race win. The Brit came out on top, expertly keeping his rival at bay, and forcing him to settle for second best.

Sebastien Buemi pulled over and parked his Nissan with 12 minutes left on the clock, initially bringing out a yellow flag at the scene of his car, which was turned into a full course yellow after the camera panned to reveal a sea of debris and the stranded cars of Max Guenther and Mitch Evans.

8 penalties were applied post race, dropping Jean Eric Vergne out of the podium positions but thrusting yesterday's race winner De Vries into 9th place, and with fastest lap.

The Big Moment:

FE fans watching at home were oblivious to the true scene that had just unfolded, as TV directors were unable to show the whole picture, and avoided replays. The only idea we could get initially was from Robin Frijns' radio, simply saying there is a "big mess at the end of the straight". The safety car was deployed soon after. The safety car led the convoy of the electric beasts around the track for at least six minutes, passing through the pitlane in order to avoid the debris-laden straight. However, just as the safety car peeled in, race control red flagged the race - it was not to be restarted.

It was like an airplane crash

evans shortly after the race

There was little mention of the huge incident that had taken place, and the first instance that Lynn's involvement had been noted was in an overheard conversation between Bird and teammate Evans. The New Zealander said "I just saw the biggest shunt mate", Bird replied "really" and Evans said he would "speak to [Bird] later". Commentators then made the shocking announcement that Lynn had been taken to hospital for precautionary checks, but the podium ceremony went ahead - it appeared as if nobody had a clue of what Evans had just been involved in.

Video was uploaded to Twitter by a marshall who was at the side of the track where Lynn had his crash; seek it at your own risk, it doesn't make for great viewing. The video first captures Max Guenther and Tom Blomqvist coming together - Guenther was out on the spot but Blonqvist continued to the end. The video then takes a shocking turn as Alex Lynn's upside-down Mahindra slid at speed straight into a barrier.

FE fans were oblivious to the incident that had unfolded until video of the crash surfaced (Credit: Autosport)

FE fans were oblivious to the incident that had unfolded until video of the crash surfaced (Credit: Autosport)

As the TV broadcast camera was focusing on Guenther's car, it never captured Lynn's catapulting vehicle. Initial reports suggest that Lynn was sandwiched between Mitch Evans' Jaguar and a wall - the Mahindra took to the sky. The car slid across the racing surface for at least 60 metres before coming to a hard and abrupt stop, hitting a wall at speed. Mahindra later released a statement as to the condition of Lynn.

I speak for us all when I say I hope he is okay and we send him our love.

Updates about Lynn will be posted at the top of this article when they come.

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