Back in May of this year, I went on a trip down to Santa Cruz CA, with a bunch of friends from school, and I got quite a few spots there.

First, I spotted this Kia Stinger GT before we set off from Davis CA.

A pretty nice car, although I am not 100% onboard with its looks. I do miss seeing these now that I am in Japan.

Since I was driving, I couldn't get any good shots or spots on the way down, but when we reached Santa Cruz, my friend told me about a cool picture taking method, so I tried it out on him.

Not many spots on the first day, but lots of partying.

The next day, we went towards downtown and this lovely Ford Econoline drove past.

This one actually caught me off guard, so it is a bit out of focus. But that color just makes it so California.

On the way, I stumbled on this stealthy Audi wagon.

Also, it isn't Santa Cruz if you don't walk across the abandoned train bridge. To be perfectly honest, I chickened out during this picture and took the pedestrian bridge to the right. (I did eventually cross the bridge, and at night, which makes it scarier.)

As we passed this abandoned car park, I saw this super cool Triumph. Not sure what it was, however. Can anyone help?

In the same lot, there was a Datsun S30 240z Fairlady.

As you can imagine, all my picture taking made me fall behind, but luckily, my photography friend stuck with me.

After I caught up with the others, I spotted this awesome Toyota Land Cruiser.

Did you guys know I'm an avid bus spotter as well? Here we have a New Flyer D40. Quite an old bus by now.

And we have one of those "Cable Car" Tour Busses, and got some ice cream.

My photography friend

My photography friend

I did not eat any ice cream, but I got to be a unicorn for the day.

After our ice cream and Starbucks, I found this cool little dune buggy.

In Japan, these are called Baja Bugs and I have to say it is a better sounding name.

Well there is no point in going to Santa Cruz without going to the beach, so at the beach, I found this cool lowrider. (If that is the right term).

And partook in some beach volleyball.

As we left the beach, I found this little bug-eye Subie chilling at the car park. But, my next spot of an old Cressida was one of my best spots of the trip.

Kept in great condition as well, considering its age.

The best spot of the trip was this absolutely beautiful Porsche 944 Turbo. The 944 is my favorite front engined Porsche and the Turbo is my planned next car!

Now, if only this was a 944 Carrera. That would be the holy grail of Porsche 944's.

It looks too beautiful. I actually saw this exact 944 in prior trips, and I am surprised at its condition since this car is normally kept outside in a beach town.

Singing circles after a day at the beach :D.

We decided to go play some minigolf at night and I found this great classic Dodge Truck!

And this great classic.

The next day, I took one of the most California spots ever.

What do you guys think? Does it not just scream "California surfer dude maann"

Or is this the most California spot?

Or this one? Choose your favorite down below.

What nice spots for such a nice place.

Case in point, this nice Maserati GT. My favorite Maserati aside from the unobtainable MC12.

A nice little Bronco, next to a Cadillac ELR (which I personally like a lot) and that lowrider from my second day in Santa Cruz.

After a spending the day at such a beautiful place with beautiful cars, as well as burying my friend upright,

it was time to conclude my last day in Santa Cruz with this second Bronco spot.

On the way back home from Santa Cruz, I was greeted by this beautiful orange McLaren and Bentley Continental.

And that concludes my weekend trip to Santa Cruz 7 months ago. Looking back, this was a great trip and it helps me remember all the good times I had during my last and best year of university.

Which spot was your favorite? Comment your thoughts below and as always, thanks for reading!

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