SANTANA TRophy 2016- stage 0: linares-Algeciras


4y ago

“Legacy”, “Knowledge” “Memory” Are the most used words during this days among participants and staff at the begining of the second edition of Santana Trophy.
After 68 years , Land Rover has taken for finish in Solihull (Birmingam,England), the producction of Land Rover Defender, wich it has been the continuation of Land Rover Series and Santana.

This is main reason and very significant for all our Land Rover family, to star this year in Linares (Jaén- South Spain), where it was the main Factory of Land Rover Santana.

Legacy, Knowledge, Memory. Are the most used words


Actually in Linares, there ‘s a lot of old ex –Santana employed very unconditional to the original brand, who really try to keep the dream alive (even the Factory it’s been closed for years.

Again in Linares, it has created a buzz around the Santana Trophy, and large number of people came to see the show, and adminre the pilots and them Land Rovers and Santana’s.

Ready to the adventure, from several countrys - Denmark, Portugal, France and also Spain – the teams first passed the administrative checks, then the tecnhicals checks in order to enjoy the adventure in a very safety way.

As the teams are from several countrys around Europe to make posible to have them suported saying good bye, this it has made only the local people of Linares enjoy of the event, in a very nice atmosfera in a sunny day.

Teams, excited about the welcome in Linares just in middle of the city, they have finished of labeling them cars ith the oficial stickers from Santana Trophy.

After home work done and a very nice tour in Linares and in the area of the Santana Factory, the teams started them way to Morocco, beginning with 400Km between Linares and Algeciras, in order to wake up early tomorrow. Boarding to Marocco is awaiting.

“Legacy”, “Knowledge” “Memory” today is more than a dream. Those words are from now the achievable dream.

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