- Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Sleigh Pic Credits: Cnet.com

    Santa's Dodge Challenger Hellcat Sleigh

    I know Santa got his Christmas Upgrade and The hellcat got antlers! - So Cute!

    My boredom does allow me to spend some time on the internet. Through this I came upon Dodge’s Christmas celebration. They have made it fun. They have kept the theme of muscle for this Christmas - muscle car sales, muscle cars in red (very Christmasy), muscle Santa - Bill Goldberg and Muscle car Sleigh. Yes, Muscle Car Sleigh. Specifically - Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Sleigh.

    Hellcat got a Set of Antlers

    Yes, They actually built a sleigh with a 797 hp, 6.2 litre V8 supercharged engine in the bonnet. Along with this it has double bonnet scoops from the original car but with quad exhausts from the side fender (I am guessing on both sides) and it is a Chop-top with no doors. Even the Hellcat logo got a set of antlers (it is cute). Santa got an upgrade he truely likes. If I were Santa I would like it a lot. On the plus-side the Rudolph and the Raindeer bunch can take a vacation this year or a few years depending on how long Santa likes his upgrade.

    Screenshot from the video of the Hellcat's Antlers

    Screenshot from the video of the Hellcat's Antlers

    I do believe that this is a nice way to celebrate Christmas - for a petrolhead, or at least Dodge. Dodge will release more about this Christmasy creation of theirs via their social media. If there is more - I will keep you posted.

    Note: I am aware this is an advertisement for Black Friday sales but, this theme will continue into Christmas.


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    Comments (2)

    • This will ‘sleigh’ the reindeer

        2 years ago
    • Haha, that's so cool!

        2 years ago


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