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Santa's Sleigh Mods Game

Can you identify the popular Christmas and holiday specials and movie based on the mods and upgrades on the different incarnations of Santa's sleigh?

1y ago

There have been many holiday movies and specials about St. Nick, and nearly as many versions of his transportation of choice.

Here's a quick Christmas quiz to see if you can match the mods to the movies or shows (answers listed below):

1. The S-1 model’s high tech features include supersonic power and a cloaking mechanism.

2. The Kringle 3000-500 Reindeer-Power Jet engine has replaced the Christmas spirit the sleigh runs on because “there’s a rumor going around” parents are the ones leaving gifts.

3. The CD (Cookie and cocoa Dispenser) is great in case your sleigh is stranded, and the Effective Liberating Flight Squad (ELFS) aren't getting to you fast enough.

4. This model of reindeer design “should be exceedingly simple.”

5. Thrasher the Reindeer flies the transport ahead of the sleigh, to drop off your support crew. Oh, he’s a myth, by the way. Rat on him and “you’ll be a myth.”

6. These guys fly because of magic feed corn Dumbledore (I mean Winter Warlock) once felt was useless.

7. Reindeer are equipped with bells only those who still believe can hear.

8. Keep this hideous “Patchmobile” monstrosity on hand to use only as a last resort.

9. Well, a Honda isn’t a sleigh, but that’s okay. Savvy kids like Kevin are “old enough to know how it works” in dealing with Santa's helpers.

10. A miniature dash model of the Globe of Belief is a good SatNav or GPS stand-in to find where the pockets of those who believe are in the world, especially when accompanied by shortcut-finding snow globes.

Merry Christmas....or happy holidays...to all, and to all a good flight!

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