Saris 3 bike rack review

I do a lot of mountain biking. Normally I try and get out twice a week. So when looking for a bike rack to use with my Jeep I had 3 criteria.

1. I wanted to be able to load the bike on the rack with minimal fuss and quickly.

2. I wanted to be able to take the rack on and off the Jeep easily.

3. I wanted something without any straps and ratchets.

I had a roof mounted rack for a while but when it came time to install the roof tent it was clear I would have to find something that mounted at the rear of the Jeep on the spare wheel.

Most of the racks available online where the type that strapped to the spare wheel. I didn't like these because A. They required a lot of faffing around to strap on, and B. They could be easily stolen if it was left on.

I found a company online called Saris who made a model called the Saris 3 rack. They are quite hard to find, as I think they are now discontinued, but I tracked one down on ebay.

The kit comes with a mounting bracket, that sits behind the spare wheel and is held in place with the existing lugnuts. Two bike brackets and a retaining bolt.

A support strut comes out from the mounting plate through the spare wheel, and a sleeve on the back of the main carrier slides over this and is held in place by a large threaded bolt. The mounting plate is permanently in place behind the spare wheel so sliding the rack on and securing it in place takes only a minute.

Once the rack is in place it takes less than a minute to secure the bike. The rack has a hole in the top which means the rack and bike can be locked to the spare wheel carrier.

The bike is held in place using 3 rubber straps. I was a bit worried about these initially. But after over a year of use in all weathers a strap has never popped off, and none of them are showing any signs of wear or deterioration.

Its simple to use, its quick to mount both the rack to the Jeep and the bike to the rack and I'm very happy with it.

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Less than 30 seconds and I'm ready to go.