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This week is I am definitely reaping the benefits, My old man is friends with a senior man and wife who he met through his love for Jaguars, post week of me giving my car a full dirt and child mess correction detail he must of been impressed or I done it at the right time not that he said so much.Now I should mention that at the start of this year I was paid off from my RAC commissioning engineer job so I’ve mainly been going from homer to homer at anything I can get my hands on. My dad knowing that money is a little scarce at times for me felt inclined to cleverly offer my services to this man called Douglas with that being said my dad obviously had me on the back of his mind seizing the chance to help me. “Thanks Dad”Now the homer in question was extensively a lot more than a car wash with a nice cash in hand at the end oh no the pleasure was all mine the money was a bonus at the end.Douglas is a white or black kind of man that was very clear on what he wants from myself being quite abrupt explaining with no disrespect meant he would like to make his own judgment of my skills. Asking if I would do bodywork detail on his Mercedes and his wife’s Brabus for £40 a piece and if he felt comfortably happy with my end achievement of the motors he had more work to give me on another car. Taking note of the kind of man Douglas is I didn’t ask any questions at the end of the day any money is money didn’t have.

Proving my worth

Not what I would call a daily

Not what I would call a daily

Brabus fortwo

Brabus fortwo

Not going to intoxicated details about the daily cars they are a Smart Fortwo city brabus and a Mercedes-Bens SL350. I completed two with a valet in the interior and cutting compound, Wax & seal on the exterior of the cars with the Brabus getting vinyl weather shield on the soft top all done nervously under the eye of Douglas behind his cup of beverage in his kitchen, Douglas said he is happy with the job and that I have a greatly focused attention attributed to the job, Fast forward a lot of chat he left me with his next car…..

Jaguar XKR 2006 4.2litre

Build number 23 of 30

Stratstone limited Edition

20” BBS Detroit alloys

As an extra it’s been fitted with touch button gear change on the steering wheel from Racing Green Cars.

Jaguar XKR Stratstone was Introduced with this model Being a perfect collaboration between both the Jaguar Factory and Jaguar Stratstone Mayfair. With this opportunity I decided to go all out and spent as good as three days removing anything I felt comfortable doing to gain better access to clean. Edition to the car Douglas has three sets of alloys which the BSS Detroit’s are just beautiful and to have them in two finishings is just supreme car goals in my opinion, the third set of alloys are the original OZ Michelangelo’s that came with the XKR sadly in a out of sorts condition, the Jaguar has an amusing log of invoices & notes from the previous owner on his possession of the XKR. Being a cleaning fanatic it makes me wonder how people leave their cars to get lifestyle weathered so badly it immediately takes the look off a vehicle stopping on lookers from seeing the fine characteristic points I guess that’s just me being fanatic.

• If you need to find something out?… YouTube it! there’s always a guy somewhere that’s done a video for instance removing the XKR seats… they weigh a considerable amount, a lot more than I had imagined.

The body treatment - Snow foam & power hose down- Meguiars compound- Poorboys world black hole- Dodo juice black widow Wax - Dodo juice Future armour sealant- Rain-x repellent (for the windows)Interior treatment - Yellow bees leather balm- Fabulosa carpet foam freshener - Autoglym glass polish- Autoglym vinyl & rubber - Autoglym leather balm- ArmourAll Dashboard. the clothes & sponge materials are all just cheap and cheerful eBay items nothing special.

Final job thanks to my profession is that I completed A/C check and recharge of the cars I had noticed the XKR had a rather off putting smell so I decided to fit a new pollen filter which was well due of replacement. Douglas was so appreciative towards me and thoroughly enjoyed doing his nosying while I had the seats out and dismantled the wipers to gain access to the pollen filter.

What an experience this was for me with a great feeling of self achievement, I hope I have more opportunities to come that I can share with everyone. I will apologise all my photos are done with my iPhone meaning the detail isn’t great especially the before and after comparison and I feel that I’m good at untrained Detailing by no means am I a professional just self taught. Hope you had some enjoyment out of my experience.

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