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Saturday Kitchen Live on BBC one at 4 of January, 2020, at 10 am

Meet New Year with James May on the kitchen :) The show starts next year with the best presenter

Saturday Kitchen Live show is a cooking show. But it’s not so boring, where all the time it’s busy cooking ... Each show usually consists of a leading chef and two invited chefs, each of whom cooks in the studio. They are joined by a celebrity guest. But until the moment it join the show, the guest goes through an interview in which it calls its favorite ingredients and unloved. Then a TV vote will take place, where the audience chooses what the chef will cook for the invited celebrity. This section is called Heaven or Hell. If there are more votes for Heaven, then the guest will get its favorite dishes from the master chef, and if there are more votes for hell, then ... What a pity there is such an option!

Each selected dish for preparation from the chef is accompanied by a drink selected by an expert. Usually this is some kind of special kind of wine.

In the interval between each dish studio excerpts are shown from the BBC archives.

And the obligatory Omelette Competition. Each week, chefs are invited to cook an omelet of three eggs as quickly as possible. And I’ll even tell you why the omelet!

William Newenham Montague Orpen - Le chef de l hotel "Chatham" Paris (1921)

William Newenham Montague Orpen - Le chef de l hotel "Chatham" Paris (1921)

The main component of the impeccably clean and neat form of extra-class professionals chefs has always been their headgear. Its functions are like a king's crown. Widespread toque blanche, so named in the French manner, received thanks to Antoine Karem. The height of the cap indicates how high the cook is in the kitchen empire. And the number of folds testified to the craftsmanship, which was assessed by the ... how many methods of preparing eggs it owned.

Wearing a cap implied both strict discipline and strict adherence to hygiene rules in the kitchen (its snow-white eloquently spoke about this). But its most important function is theatrical, because the chef, according to the great French tradition, was primarily a ceremonial master, a great wizard who magically created delicious gourmet dishes. Would you like Peach Melba or maybe a strawberry dessert Sarah Bernhardt?

Saturday Kitchen Live on BBC One at 4 of January, 2020. At 10 am


James May!

You can watch this show here

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