Saturday Kitchen Live with James May on BBC One 4 Jan 2020

Heaven or hell? What food like and dislike James?

Culinary show, where the main guest will be James May. He will be given a try and evaluate cooked recipes right before your eyes. At the end of the show, James will have to try his luck and try either one most favorite dish or one most unloved dish. Find out what James likes and dislikes and listen to his interesting stories about traveling to Japan and cooking incidents there. And also evaluate the choice of wine for each of the dishes

More about the show

Heaven for James is Japanese seafood and food hell is butterscotch pudding

What will get James? You can find it in the video next

We have the beautiful photos from event by Saturday Kitchen Live twitter

The record of this food event for James May

For all those who really wanted to see this show, but did not have time after 30 days or lives in another country and does not have access. I’m sure everyone would be so sorry to miss so much of James’s culinary discourse!

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  • Missed it. Can’t catch that show in my forsaken country. Damn you Canada 🇨🇦 😡

      1 year ago