Savage Honda Integra with anti-lag fooled cops into thinking it's a gun

This savage Integra fooled cops into thinking it's an assault rfile

2y ago

Modified cars can be loud, then there is launch control and anti-lag both hold engine at constantly high RPM, causing both engine scream and loud 'pops & bangs' from the exhaust (followed by pieces of your turbocharger falling out of the exhaust).

Now regardless of what do you think of the actual sound, (Personally I think it's about as pleasant as lobotomy), this situation involving a turbocharged Honda Integra track car and it's 'pops&bangs' loud enough to alert nearby police who thought it was gun fire, is quite hilarious.

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Source Viral :Viral TRND

The cops actd a bit rude, but not known the full extent of the story I'm not going to comment on hot the two parties acted, I'm glad it all ended in lauhgter though.

Go check out the poster here:

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Comments (2)

  • Love when the cop says "you've wasted our time." As if he called, they showed up, you've wasted your own time sir.

      2 years ago
  • He's damn lucky he didn't get shot first!

      2 years ago