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Save the Top Gear Lancia in Botswana

After so many years in the wilderness it has finally emerged.

28w ago

You Tuber and American now living in Botswana Ryan Bell tracked the Lancia Beta Coupe used by Jeremy Clarkson in the 2007 Top Gear Botswana Special, to an auto yard in Maun. According to Bell, after much homework, many phone calls, emails, and meetings, we finally have found the Lancia Beta Coupe from the Botswana Special in 2007. The car was supposed to have been scrapped after filming, but somehow it has survived. In the video uploaded in November last year Bell explained that he had been searching nearly every salvage yard and bush mechanic in all of Botswana. As it could've been in anybody's front yard sold for parts. Or even scrapped altogether. Bell identified the car through its "Light Bite Cafe" graffiti on the rear left fender applied by May. The drilled holes on the bonnet where Clarkson fitted three cow skulls. And the fact the doors remain intact after being removed due to Clarkson reducing the weight to cross the salt pans. Also by the fact it is the only Lancia of any sort in Africa. And yes, it is for sale. For 950 USD. Bell himself cannot buy it as he hasn't the money to restore it and import it to the UK. This petition is to raise awareness to all the potential owners who will give the Lancia the attention it deserves. Bringing it back to its former glory as one of the star cars of a great adventure.

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