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Saw this today. a Suzuki Jimny and a baby 4x4 which I really like.

I do however have one fundament issue with it and that is PRICE! The MSRP for this car in auto is around £20k (a lot for a Jimny and I wouldn’t buy an auto). This car is up for sale at £28,995 which is mind blowing for a Jimny!

I understand that they’ve been taken off market due to not meeting emissions regulations in the UK which has seen used values increase including this seemingly unregistered version but £29k!!!! Really!

£29k buys you a whole host of 4x4’s and if you look at used 4x4’s you can get some serious mud pluggers. That’s ultimately where the smart money should be spent and not on a £29k Jimny!

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  • They are desirable. Imagine if Mercedes took the G-Wagon off the market, the residuals on them would go through the roof. Same happened when they defender disappeared from shelves. The prices for ones already on the market jumped.

    It’s even hit third gen Jimnys too. Prices for them haven’t dropped and good condition ones have gone up.

    The market will pay what the market will pay. And the market is by and large thick as two short planks and will pay a lot.

    Although a lot of 4th gens that I know spend a lot of time over landing and laning, so unlike the G, they are doing what they were designed to do.

      4 months ago
    • Absolutely spot on. I do however think that it’s a bit of a price bubble just waiting to pop.

        4 months ago