Say hello to Ken Block’s new WRC-spec Ford Escort Cosworth

This is the latest sideways capable addition to Ken Blocks Ford obsessed garage

3y ago

If you thought that Ken Block’s garage couldn’t get any more ‘dope’ then think again; This is Block’s 1991 WRC-Spec Ford Escort Cosworth, and we think it’s quite possibly his best blue oval choice to date.

The world best destroyer of tyres has been busy on the outside of the car by giving it the full early 1990’s mod treatment, just check out the twin-headlamp conversion, as in when was the last time you saw that on any car. It even has what appear to be a set of old-school OZ-Racing style rally-spec rims along with a super-trick side-exit exhaust setup.

On the inside, this ‘Scort’ has been fully stripped and fitted with a full WRC spec looking interior featuring more switches that you’d find in Apollo 11 along with a host of race-spec safety gear including a cage and race seats.

The only hint of future plans for the ‘Scort’ came from Ken himself with this Twitter post hinting at the sideways greatness that's to come:

Here’s to hoping that Ken gives his new toy a full run out in a Gymkhana clip very soon the world can see what it can do on film.

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Comments (14)

  • Can we just establish a few facts?

    Ken Block hasn't built this car, it was purchased from jd rallysport in England who REbuilt and have competed with the car in Belgium the last few years.. I was to be found underneath it on said events.

    It hasn't been stripped out or modified in any way, it is an original ex-works group a car built at Boreham for a European team in the nineties.

    The only things that Ken has been "busy" with since his purchase are returning it to LHD. Changing the wheels and slipping a hooligan dildo over the original handbrake lever

    Yes it is a lovely original car that cost him well into five figures but no, He has not built it at all.

    Please know facts before posting your click bait.

    Anything you would like to know about our old car feel free to ask. We know more about it than ken.

      3 years ago
  • Those wheels are by Fifteen52

      3 years ago
  • clue the JC voice “That’s Mental!!”

      3 years ago
  • WRC spec with Group A aero then?

      3 years ago
  • Loved the Escort cossie. Omg I want this!!

      3 years ago