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2y ago

Looking at this new restyled 2019 Ford Focus, I am very intrigued to see one up close. The ST line has always intrigued me as being an entry level hot hatch below the RS. I like them. So what’s to know about the 2019 Focus ST?

Despite it looking so similar to a standard Focus, the ST features a honey comb grille, grey accents and larger front splitter. Allowing for a more aggressive look. As you move down the car you will notice gloss black door handles, lightweight wheels and red brake calipers. At the rear you can feast your eyes on the gloss black spoiler and dual exhaust system which looks so much better than the centre exhaust on the previous generation.

Not many changed have happened inside except Recaro bucket seats with the ‘ST’ logo badging on the headrests. There is an imitation carbon fibre trim (which I think is a little tacky…), metallic accents and a leather steering wheel all with contrast stitching.

But the Focus ST isn’t about the interior, it’s all about that punchy little engine and B road performance. It has an all new 2.3L four cylinder Ecoboost engine producing 286 bhp, which if you ask me is more than enough for a hot hatch of this calibre. It even has the same amount of torque as the Euro-spec Mustang with 440 Nm.

As well as the engine, Ford have stiffened the suspension for a lower and stiffer ride than you would find on the standard Focus.

Unfortunately, the new Focus ST will not feature at the coming Geneva Motorshow as the company has announced plans to skip the event.

Focus ST or Focus RS?

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Comments (25)

  • Lacks aggression in front

      2 years ago
  • The rear lights are far too close to a Kia/Hyundai. Very generic looking, but then again it must appeal to the mass market. No more individuality. The new Mazda 3 is by far a better looking proposal

      2 years ago
  • It's probably fine, but I'll want to try something different next time I change.

      2 years ago
  • Looks really clean... however, we can't buy them here in the United States, thanks to all the people who thought crossovers and SUVs are somehow better... very depressing.

      2 years ago
    • How else is Janet supposed to get herself and a harem of children from the neighborhood to the soccer game with all of the required orange slices to fuel them at half time across town safely while simultaneously giving nature the finger and...

      Read more
        2 years ago
  • Wow. That design will get lost in a car park. You can usually rely on ford to buck a trend with their quick models. This, as said in other comments, looks like a Kia

      2 years ago