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      Say hello to the all-new Subaru BRZ!

      A fresh style and a new engine

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      Eight years after the first model, Subaru finally unveils the second generation of its small, sporty BRZ coupe. The vehicle evolves quite clearly without starting a real revolution. And contrary to the first BRZ, the new version will not be sold in Europe.

      The new BRZ doesn't completely change its appearance and simply leaves the few taut lines of the current model for more curves. However, the overall look remains sporty with a thinner grille and wider air intakes. The headlights do the opposite thing and get thicker.

      The air extractor above the front axle moves downwards. At the rear of the vehicle, there are very pronounced curves in the wheel arches. This gives the coupé a more dynamic styling. The rear has more angular lights and the number plate is moving away from the trunk to the bumper.

      There's a diffuser with two exhaust outlets that give the vehicle a muscular look. Under the bonnet, the new BRZ also gets a little more muscle too with a new engine developed entirely by Subaru. A 2.4-litre flat-four takes the place of the old 2.0-litre engine developed in conjunction with Toyota.

      This powertrain will develop 230 PS and 249 Nm of torque. It will be combined with either a six-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed automatic transmission. The car keeps the rear-wheel drive architecture popular among customers. Although slightly modified, the chassis remains the same as on the current model. The new Subaru BRZ will arrive in the brand's American dealerships in autumn 2021.

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      Comments (11)

      • I'm not sure about the front, but I quite like the back. I think it looks a bit like an older Aston Martin Vantage.

          17 days ago
      • To me it looks like a mix of 370z, Honda CRZ and Honda NSX to creat a not very attractive sports car

          17 days ago
      • The smile is so wide it's got dimples! Kawaii desu~! A very good start if the car is already happy.

        But I wonder how it will look like if it was hopped up and turned into a racing version like the old BRZ was. That design is what I want to see from the next photoshop person.

          17 days ago
      • I do like it, kinda like a two door Model 3. The interior is all over the place, but it looks fun.

          17 days ago
      • Thank god they fixed that grille!

          15 days ago


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