Say hello to the Czinger 21C: a 3D-printed American hypercar of the future

Oh yeah, and it'll set you back $2 million...

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An American company called Czinger announced their first hypercar earlier last year called the 21C. Unfortunately, we never saw much else of it as COVID-19 stopped the Geneva Motor Show from going ahead.

But now, it is back and here's our first look at the production version. In terms of specs, the Czinger 12C is a 2.05-metre wide mid-engined hypercar powered by a twin-turbocharged 2.88L flat crank V8 engine which is assisted by two electric motors sitting on the front axle.

All this together allows for a total output of 1,250hp and an astonishing 11,000rpm red line. But if you fancy it, you can also opt for a 100hp upgrade to bring the total output to 1,350hp.

You would have thought all this power would make the car heavy, but it really doesn't. The total dry weight of this American hypercar is 1,240-kg and Czinger boasts a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio with all-wheel-drive. This low weight is thanks to its 3D-printed body which isn't a common thing to see on vehicles of any kind.

Czinger has also said it will reach 60mph in just 1.9-seconds, will achieve the quarter-mile in 8.1-seconds, and will reach 186mph in just 13.8 seconds then onto a top speed of 281mph. All this seems rather ridiculous, so we would have to test it out before we take anyone's word for it.

Only 80 examples will ever be made, each costing a whopping $2 million. Deliveries are due in 2023.

Will this American dream live up to its claims?

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  • If it’s 3D printed I could just print one myself. $2 million saved

      13 days ago
  • High-revving tiny V8 and that 1+1 seating layout… boy, do I hope this thing comes to fruition.

      13 days ago
  • I already did, i said hello in

      12 days ago
  • I hope Mazda will come up with something similar. For 20K.

      12 days ago
  • Jay Leno did a nice feature on the Divergent Blade 3D -Printed car.

      13 days ago