Say hello to the Daihatsu DN Compagno

This piece of retro looking fun will make its public bow at the upcoming Tokyo motor show

3y ago

Daihatsu left the UK market behind some years ago, but we can hold out hope that they will one day return and bring us oddball-cool cars like this one, the DN Compagno concept.

The Compagno name is a throwback borrowed from the 1960’s model, and it looks like a fun four-door mini coupe that the world so richly needs. This is one of five DN concepts that will make their public bows at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Everything about the DN Compagno screams retro and makes no apologies for it either. Just check out that very late 1960’s British themed grille which is surrounded by the sweptback headlights. This leads to the sweeping roofline that finishes in a squared off rear-end which all looks all very coupe-like with uninterrupted styling lines from front to back.

On the inside though, the retro design has been forgotten in favour of a very modern and clean design. Take the continual line through the dash that runs under the gearstick, and the central twin touch screen’s dominating the centre of the setup. One definitive nod to the future though is the rear-view cameras; this is something we are seeing deployed on concepts more and more these days suggesting it could be an actual thing in years to come.

Power is also a bit on the futuristic side with a 1.2-litre petrol engine that’s backed up by a hybrid motor with a CVT transmission. Which should be more than suitable, when you consider this car is meant for the city.

Daihatsu has a strong record of making concepts into a reality, but with no UK presence, we will likely never see one here which makes us a bit sad.

What are your thoughts on the DN Compagno? Do you want it to be a reality? Or do you hope it stays a concept? Join us in the #jdm live chat to share your thoughts.

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  • my eyes hurt

      3 years ago
  • hideous has new caption for the dictionary....

      3 years ago
  • Retro DAF marathon

      3 years ago
  • thats cool. wish i could afford to buy one.

      3 years ago
  • Yup, I like it. If I could afford one I'd buy one. Would have to be a manual transmission though. Boo hiss to CVT auto thingy nasties. 😁

      3 years ago