Say hello to the new Azaris 6x6 off-roader

What could possibly be the future

2y ago

What if I told you about an off-roader with six wheels and uses water in the pumps? You would probably think that is impossible, but believe it or not, a company called Ferox has created just that with it's latest vehicle, the Azaris.

The result isn't only the good looks but thanks to its off-road capabilities it can conquer any tough terrain including hazardous mountain roads, endless deserts and dense forests.

How does it run on water?

You can either get it with a petrol or electric engine which is linked to fluid pumps. The fluid pumps are connected to the in-wheel motors in the car and can effectively transfer the torque to the wheels of the car.

The Pump

The pump in question transfers all mechanical power to all six wheels. It provides smooth running and volumetric efficiency up to 98 percent and can be used with combustion, hybrid, electric and fuel cell batteries.

Rocket suspension

Other than having the ability to be quiet as a mouse it also has rocket suspension so the car can navigate its way through any types of terrain that is thrown at it. Also the DNA arms are inspired by flowing water and the double helix to help hold the rocket suspension together.

This might only be a prototype and there is no word yet of whether there will be a production model but it is also a example of what Ferox can do and possibly even a glimpse into what the future of motoring might be like.

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Comments (2)

  • That’s incredibly cool! I would love to see one of these up close

      2 years ago
  • I completely agree with Ben!,it reminds me of a Mars explorer vehicle and also a Stag beetle!,it looks remarkable,I would love to see one up close too.😃👍🏻XX

      2 years ago