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Say hello to the world's only Ferrari-powered BMW M3

The engine has been removed and replaced with a cross-plane crank V8, but it still sounds sensational.

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The E9x generation M3 bucked the straight-six M3 tradition and displeased many upon release, however it didn't take long for reviewers to rebuke their initial statements. The 4.0L S64 V8 engine was a thing of beauty, and I'm not sure what prompted these guys to take it out - but anyway, what they have done is made it quite interesting. It's unique and it's different.

Credit: cars.co.za

Credit: cars.co.za

Yes that's right. Under the hood of this E93 M3 houses a Ferrari F136 engine from a Maserati Coupe.

A project car that's been under wraps for three years, the M3 has also been fitted with a Pandem wide-body kit and painted Nardo grey, resulting in a very unique looking car. The 19-inch aftermarket wheels and large boot-lid spoiler also add more flavor.

C​redit: cars.co.za

C​redit: cars.co.za

T​he car is currently a work-in-progress, so the engine aims to produce only 335hp (250kW) with a tune - however the owner plans to boost the V8 with twin-turbochargers in the future, which should work a treat. If i'm completely honest, i'm not quite sure what the plan was, taking a powerful flat-plane BMW V8 to an older Maserati cross-plane but i'll reserve my comments - at least until the turbos are fitted. Anyhow, if you're going for a unique build, this is it.

C​redit: cars.co.za

C​redit: cars.co.za

T​he interior has been fitted with a steering wheel inspired by the M3 CSL and Sparco sports seats for a race-car feel; and the manual gearbox would work a treat with the Ferrari-built V8 up in front.

T​he sound that this M3 makes is still quite phenomenal - and it has an extremely unique one-off factor to it, so feel free to check out the build in greater detail for yourself below.


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Comments (28)

  • tasty!!! VERY tasty!!! 👌😍💦🔥

      1 month ago
  • Why? The engine Ferrari supply to Maserati isn’t that great. It’s not that powerful, it’s not that reliable.

    Why take out a great engine and replace it with an old, wheezy piece of cack?

      1 month ago
  • Not sure, the better engine would have been BMW’s twin turbo 4.4 V8 producing 625 bhp not a Ferrari/Maserati engine with less power

    That’s a lot of work to go slower and even with twin turbos may not be much faster and a whole lot less drivable.

      1 month ago
  • Is this a joke or an insult? Why remove solid, reliable 309 kW (414 hp) BMW S65 engine and replace this gem with 250 kW (335 hp) Ferrari engine!

      1 month ago
    • because he wanted to? its called "customising". You know, when you take a particular stock vehicle and do whatever crazy things you want to it. Maybe he prefers the sound of the Ferarri engine? maybe it delivers power in a way that suits his...

      Read more
        1 month ago
    • becos its guys like you that dont know the difference between wheel power and crank power you allowed your opinion but get the facts right mate

        1 month ago
  • Well, it certainly is unique 🤮

      1 month ago


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