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Scared to safety: Indian god of death helping the police with road safety...

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Laughing as I saw this amazing event online this week, I had to show you all. In Bangalore, the local police force have set out to improve accident rates in the month of July, calling it "Road safety week". To show to the people of Bangalore that they mean business, they have called apon one of the Hindu gods for their help.

Yamaraja - the god of death. He will scare the living as they drive around or ride on their motorbikes IF they are breaking the law, such as not wearing a seat belt or having no helmet on... or should we say 'encourage'. So lets see the new god of road safety...


Okay... He's wearing trainers, but with some dramatic acting from 'Veeresh the Theatre artiste', I'm sure that his work will do some good for the city of Bangalore. With many Hindus, this will have a deep and resonating effect, as they are respectful of their gods in any form, and will head their words as gospel. Good on you Yama! You're saving lives! But why?

Here's the bad bit. India has a vast volume of traffic on the roads and as always that means one thing, accidents. In 2016, 7,506 reported accidents in the city had a sad fatality rate, 754 were fatal. That's 10%! Compare that to London, which has a similar area and population size - which had a 0.4% fatality rate! 0.4%!

We can't wait to hear more about Yama and his fight for safer roads in India, I will keep an eye out for him in the near future - along side with his results... But now for something a little bit different. And weird. And British. This wasn't the first time a powerful being has helped us on the roads...

British Road Safety Videos...

It wouldn't be the first time a local hero/ deity helped people to behave on the streets and roads in the world. In the UK alone we have had many road safety videos and programs held aloft by cultural icons. Take David Prowse for instance... (He was the body of Darth Vader).

And if that wasn't weird and British enough for you, we also had Alvin Stardust, who was a Glam Rock and Roll star in the 1960s. "You must be out your tiny minds" was the best bit!

And of course if its Britian in the late 1970s, and you need a hero, it's going to be Doctor Who!

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  • Why does Yamraj, in the first picture look like a sort of ghost rider-grim reaper hybrid, who has somehow found himself in the cover of the Bat Out of Hell Album...

    Bloody good article, though, makes me want to move to Bangalore, just to see this bloke...

    4 months ago
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