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Scary and far from ordinary these car-stumes are perfect for trunk-or-treating

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Spooky, horrifying and playfully deceitful, the first car I present to you is similar to a weasel. Out at night stalking mice, if this car scratches you, you need more than just ice.


Oh and it has friends that also lurk deep in the dark, but unlike the cat, this one is similar to a shark. They say that if you call out "Beetlejuice" three times in front of a mirror, this car will go on the loose and chase you nearer and nearer.


And as the chaotic crew grows bigger and bigger, the third member will shake you with rigour and vigour. He will say, "you can try and hide from me", and you'll get a bad feeling in your tummy and want to flea. Running and jumping you'll feel like a dummy because the third car is not far short from a mummy.


It doesn't stop there, NO, NO, because this following one will make you want to tear your hair. His favourite is playing games and tricks, and what he hates most is corrupt politics. When he laughs he might sound mad in the head, and deep down inside you know there's bloodshed ahead. Because the fourth member is so far from ordinary, at the end of the night he'll make you say a hundred Hail Marys.


As lightning sparks throughout the sky, you'll hear a groaning sound from a guy pass by. Wondering what possibly it could be, you remember the news about a bunch of missing amputees. Hearing slow steps and seeing a nail through a head you are wondering why he isn't just dropping dead. But as he is the fifth member, when he showed his face he made you remember before he chased you with a mace.


But now you see some light closing in nearby and as this story ends it will do so on a high. Because not everything is scary and bad, these next guys will at least make you a tad glad. Baseball, puppets and cars on cars, the sixth, seventh and eight members are very used to applause. Spreading joy in the shape of toys, I'm sure you've seen them, maybe as a schoolboy? Without dragging this on and on and you guys thinking I'm a con, I'll introduce them to you and if you don't like them it'll have to make due. But before I do so I thank you for getting this far, it has been a real joy joking about Halloween car (**** I forgot Jaguar!). And If you enjoyed it there should be no doubt that you definitely should check the original creators out. I've linked them in the images above, so go out and click them and give them some love. So now the story ends on a high with me showing you the 6th, 7th and 8th member and saying goodbye!




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