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Scary news: China

Not super scary, but worrying.

1y ago

Jaguar. They're the underdog of the automotive world, they make beautiful cars that handle better then almost everything else in their class but can't shift them from the dealer floor. But I have a soft spot for Jaguar, their history and heritage, the passion they put into their road and race cars, so when a flood of cars with better tech and, in the world of EV's, superior range appears on the horizon from China I get scared.

I have no reason to be scared, Chinese cars present no danger to me, no matter how abstract I think, I can't find any evidence to suggest that an army of Geely's is hunting me down, filled with hate and malice. So why am I scared?. For that we have to go back to the 70's when Europe and the US were invaded with cheaper, more fuel efficient cars from Japan and this happened on the brink of a fuel crisis, giving everyone a desire for something that did not drink like a pair of ageing car show hosts building Lego cars. Now, we are again on the brink of a crisis, though this time the replacement is not a more fuel efficient car, it's the electric car. So what I'm saying is this, almost word for word, history is repeating itself.

Don't be deceived by the MG logo, it's 100% Chinese

Don't be deceived by the MG logo, it's 100% Chinese

You might be thinking "hang on, we still have Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, BMW, VW, Mercedes, Peugeot, Renault and their various sub-brands, why the fuss about Jaguar? The auto makers above are the strongest from their respective countries, the ones that managed to adapt to the threat that had arisen, meanwhile Jaguar is already week - they're only getting by with help from sister company Land Rover. And that's why I'm scared, I can't bare to think about the company that gave us the E-Type, the XKR and the insane Project 8 joining the fallen. you probably guessed that though, the title gave it away......

And it gets worse, Jaguar is not the only manufacturer at risk. Maserati faces faces faces a similar problem, and so does Aston Martin. Though they make some probably fantastic cars they all get out-performed (in efficiency, price and eco friendliness, that's what people care about now…….. ) by their counterparts from China. And I haven't even got to the worst part. Short of going out and buying a shiny new F-type there's nothing you can do to save your favourite brand from joining Saab in car heaven

So next time you see an XJ or Granturismo on the road take a second to appreciate it because soon our roads may well be filled with electric shopping trolleys from china. Or Trump will have his way.

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Comments (7)

  • The day they try to make me get a self driving China-Google EV trolley is the day I go motorcycle only…

      1 year ago
  • The issue with both Land Rover and Jaguar is they only make cars for the very wealthy and most of their buyers are aged 50 +. Mercedes, BMW and Audi have a suitable cars in their ranges to attract younger buyers in the form of hatchbacks.

    JLR are also struggling to keep sales in the UK as people are also switching to cheaper KIA and Hyundai SUV's and cars as thieves love to borrow the luxurious and expensive cars in the UK.

      1 year ago
    • Good point, and add to that reliability issues, ageing interior design and brexit, It doesn't look to bright for good old JLR.

        1 year ago
  • Instead of keeping whining for being swamped by the superior ones, seek ways to improve, bitches.

    By the way, Chinese people will keep buying Jags, Maseratis and Astons, and all executive brands since their price dropped and peolple are getting richer. They still have large share in China.

      1 year ago
    • Hi Peter, totally agree, it's Jag's job to get better, not everyone else's job to get worse!

        1 year ago