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Welcome to Germany and it's second-highest mountain range behind that little strip of alps in Bavaria. This time, we take a look at the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse, which literally means Black Forest High Road, also designated the B500 connecting the towns of Baden-Baden and Freudenstadt.

In Germany they classify mountain-ranges like the Black Forest as a so called Mittelgebirge. That describes landscapes, that are not quite typical mountains, but already almost more than typical highlands. Or you could just say big hills with lots of trees. Anyway, the B500 begins it's way down in the Valley of Baden-Baden, but quickly winds its way up to the crest.


This first bit is the most curvy and the part that resembles something of a mountain-pass, but even the sharpest hairpins are still fairly flowing. This results in a continuous driving-flow, that is hard to find on most other roads. It's like part of a good racetrack was mistakenly built as a public road in the forest. You even get the occasional striped guardrails, which add further to that feeling.

Once you reach the upper area the curves get very wide and you even find some not-quite-straights in between. That means the actual driving thrill eases off a little and you find the time to admire the awesome view that awaits you now. Being on the leading western edge of the Black Forest, the hills fall of to your right and you can look down into the Rhine-Valley. I'm quite sure, that what you see on the horizon on a clear day at this point is already a part of neighboring France.

You reach the highest point at Mummelsee, where you probably should drive a little more careful to not mow down all those people that didn't come here for driving for some strange reason. After that the B500 continues to dip into the Forests between open areas with views into both valleys besides the road. Closer to the official end of the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse the curves get even wider than before, while still being roughly 1000m high, offering a nice and smooth fade back into regular boring traffic commute. But nobody's hindering you from turning around and tackling the 50km of high road right again.


This road rightfully deserves a place here as one of Germany's best pieces of road-tarmac, with a unique and mesmerizing flow to it, that sets it apart from most other stunning roads around.

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  • Great movies and your decription of the flow is really precise..nice work!

    As in all populated areas, these roads are most enyoable during the week or during off-seasons (early spring/ late autum).

      3 years ago
  • Here's a 360 view of the 500:

      8 months ago