Science says This car will get You laid

Fake news alert. When I say 'science' I mean a survey run by confused.com and when I say 'laid' I mean someone *might* swipe right on your Tinder profile. If your pride and joy is your Seat Ibiza you should probably save that information for the second date and have a snap of your cat in your profile picture instead. Just look at this data:

Go long on Audi A4s, boys.

A study conducted last month by www.confused.com looked at how potential partners are rated by what car they drive. 36 fake Tinder accounts were created for a man and a woman. The profile picture for each account showed the prospector standing next to one of the 18 cars the study was investigating. According to the designers of the study, 18 of the accounts were looking for a same-sex match and the other half were looking for the opposite sex. But then that means they would need 72 accounts so that for the 18 cars they were profiling, there could be 18 accounts that showed the girl standing next to a different car in each profile picture looking for an opposite sex partner, 18 looking for a same sex partner and then the same again but using the man instead of the woman... or did they actually mean to say that they created 36 fake Tinder accounts for each sex? I'm confused.com.

Never mind. It would be surprising if the designers of the study set out hoping for the Noble Prize. Setting up fake accounts would never get passed an ethics committee.

The overall winner for heterosexual men on the pull was the Audi A4. Why would this be? Maybe the executive saloon is a strong message to potential mates. With its fuel efficiency, bags of luggage space for those weekend mini-breaks and a sensible price-point this is a car that says, 'Hey, Lady. I'm a strong, self-sufficient individual who has a "you" shaped hole in my passenger seat.' Come on. What lady on Tinder wouldn't?

Women seeking men on Tinder should try posing next to a Ford Focus. Let's consider why this might be. Is it perhaps because the Ford Focus is unthreatening? Or is it because an Audi A4 can outpace a standard Ford Focus? Think about it for a minute. It's been hypothesised that men are attracted to women in heels because they can't run away. This would suggest that a woman standing next to a slow car would get a higher number of right swipes. But if this is the case then you would see either the Toyota Yaris or the Ford Ka get the highest number of right swipes. Maybe subconsciously men are making the calculation that they themselves will at some point get to drive the car?

Interestingly, women seeking women should avoid standing next to the Ford Focus in their profile picture; only one woman out of a thousand swiped right on the profile of the woman standing next to a Ford Focus. Instead, try a Nissan Micra. Meanwhile gay men swiped right on the Ford Fiesta.

So if at some point last month you came across a man or a woman standing next to car that made you fancy them and you matched but never got a reply: Now you know.

For the full set of data visit www.confused.com/car-insurance/driving-attraction