S​cighera was the forgotten Alfa Romeo supercar

W​hat? A 164?

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O​ver the years many attractive concept cars made under the name of Alfa Romeo. The Carabo, for instance, predicted the way that supercar went in the next decade. Or the Tonale, one of the best-looking SUV in exist. Then we came to this, the Scighera. A functional concept car which had a performance figure of a supercar got carbon-composite frame and based on the Alfa Romeo 164. What on earth was this creature?

D​esigned by Italdesign, the Scighera was Italdesign's imagination to an Alfa Romeo's road-legal race car and as a homage to Alfa Romeo racing history. The design perfectly merged both retro and futuristic together. Of course, the word "futuristic" was from the viewpoint of 1997, the year this car made its debut. The front of the car was really something. It got inspiration from Formula's front wing which provided the downforce you would need when you were reaching 186mph. Meanwhile, the big V-shape on the hood represented the logo of Alfa Romeo. Thanks to the aggressive front wing, not much room left for the headlights. Nicknamed the "clown-eyed", they were tiny.

E​ven the doors were a piece of engineering. They opened uniquely, the way that BMW concept Nazca C2 did a few years ago in 1991. The opening combined a conventional outward opening door with the window opening in a gull-wing looking. In order to get this spectacular result, the windows did not install as a part of the doors. They were more like forming the roof, the gull-wing part instead. By removing the windows, this car became a convertible immediately. The retro side could be seen at the wraparound windscreen. It reassembled the classics from the 50s and the 60s. Also from that era was the very thin A-pillar. This resulted in tremendously excellent visibility.

T​he rear of the concept finished with a massive rear wing and three exhaust tips in the middle of the bumper. The perfectly designed vertical taillights fused with the also sleek headlights. The third brake light fit inside the wing and joined with the taillights on both sides. Since it was a mid-engined car, the bonnet was of course, at the back. By opening it, there were two ways. One was exclusive to refilling as it unblocked the fuel cap. The other gained direct access to the engine bay. Speaking of the engine, it was the one you could find at the 164. Boosted by a biturbo, horsepower grew to 400. It also featured the all-wheel-drive system from the 155. All of the power was more than enough to send the car from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 186mph. Very remarkable back in the day.

U​nlike many other supercars which sacrificed comfortability for weight saving, the interior of the Scighera could be described as lavish. From the steering wheels to door panels, leather was everywhere. Italdesign intended to build this car as a race car with all the gimmicks removed and was considering a small-scale homologation production. All of these never came true. The Scighera only found its way in video games. It appeared in the 1998 racing video game, Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit as the Italdesign Scighera, exclusively in the PC version.

W​hat do you think about the Scighera? Have you heard of it or are you a fan of it? What if this did enter production? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading.

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  • Absolutely love it! It is such a good looking design and is one of those cars that I wish became reality. I remember it from NFS, of course back in the day I had no idea what it really was but liked it.

    I wish car manufacturers would be more brave to make more concepts a reality. Of course it has to be economical for them, but who wants a boring EV or SUV?

      1 year ago
  • Just another car......THEY SHOULD HAVE BUILT!

      1 year ago
  • Really amazing even today yet this was mid 90's, wow! Thanks for the trip.

      1 year ago
  • 💦💦💦

      1 year ago
  • Onr of my favourite posters on the wall when I was a kid. It sets me nostalgic.

      1 year ago