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Scrapping in Spain: Predictions for the Spanish Grand Prix

You won't believe what we've predicted will happen this weekend...

5w ago

After getting almost nothing correct last weekend (although I did correctly predict the first two places on the podium) Kiran and I have decided to up the ante and really go for it prediction wise this time ahead.

Barcelona is not always known for the most exciting races, with some notable exceptions to be fair, but we're not going to let that stop up this time around. Here's what we think is going to happen...

Who's going to be on Pole Position?

Thiemo Albers-Daly:

Max Verstappen is always quite strong around Barcelona and the Red Bull has been very strong this year so I think that he'll clinch pole away from everyone else this time out.

Kiran Ganesh:

Valtteri Bottas again, with a surprise...He's taken pole position at Spain before...

Who will be on the Podium on Sunday?

Kiran Ganesh:

Bottas will finally win dominantly from Verstappen and Perez. Hamilton will be close behind in fourth after some drama.

Thiemo Albers-Daly:

We're going to have a mental Grand Prix on Sunday which will result in an absolutely barmy final three. Fernando Alonso will win the race with Carlos Sainz in a close second place followed by Sergio Perez in a respectable third place. It'll be a Spanish Grand Prix to remember.

Bold Prediction?

Thiemo Albers-Daly:

Giovinazzi will have a tremendous Sunday as he makes his way up through the pack and finish inside the top seven.

Kiran Ganesh:

Mick Schumacher will get out of Q1! 😱🤯

So there you have - some bold predictions by both of us there and I'm sure most of them will become an unbelievable reality over the course of the weekend.

What do you think will happen at the Spanish Grand Prix? Let us know in the comments below.

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Comments (13)

  • Mick Schumacher will have a brilliant race and cross the line a close second to George Russell who will finally break his duck and score points with Williams - unfortunately, Barcelona is sooooo boring that most people will have fallen asleep long before the end and will miss this historic result, only waking up in time for Hamilton to cross the line in seventh place which will be the only thing Sky F1 will talk about...

      1 month ago
  • If your podium predictions come true I will cry in joy.

      1 month ago
  • My predictions are......

    Pole for Verstappen

    Two safety cars

    A few time penalty's

    Bad pit stop for Team mercedes which means red bull will have a good race...

    Maybe even a red flag

    Verstappen will win

    Sainz second

    and perez third after serious battles with Hamilton for a podium

      1 month ago
    • Interesting predictions, would certainly be an exciting race if they came true! Would be great to see Perez back on the podium!

        1 month ago
  • i predict it will be a dull race, teams have loads of data on Barcelona so there should not be any surprises (assuming it is dry). Biggest question will this be the first dry race this year to not have a top six featuring a car other than a Mercedes, Red Bull, Mclaren or Ferrari? If Gasly can have a completely clean weekend can see him interrupting that party?

      1 month ago
    • What about Alonso? Hopefully he has an all-round good weekend.

        1 month ago
    • He needs to up his qualifying game, and whilst the Alpine has improved since the start of the season I don't think it is quite with Mclaren and Ferrari on pace yet (unless Ferrari go for another comedy tyre choice on Sainz's car again).

        1 month ago
  • I think the best prediction award goes to....... (whoever wins) and lets just wait to sunday afternoon when we reveal the winner!!!

      1 month ago