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Scratch The Huracan! Meet The Lamborghini SVJ Roadster

The Huracan was a delight to have but we need a more aggressive Lambo, so we got the SVJ

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The Lamborghini SVJ Roadster is the ultimate Aventador. This is the Aventador that expresses what an Aventador can be. After the Lamborghini Huracan was released it was the supercar that any architect could afford. With its rather curvaceous looks and smooth interior it wasn't really aggressive. I'm a fool to bring this up because the Huracan is a completely different car to the Aventador. The interior wasn't exactly aggressive or luxury, it sat in the barrier that was okay for a Lamborghini. We then had the Aventador SV that is the closest model to the SVJ. This had a rather angular look, aggressive but we new deep down that it is great, but, put this up against even the GT-R or the AMG GT and it was already challenged. So, what do we have here an amazing car that has the power and a spectacular car that is quite weak compared to others. So when will we get a aggressive, luxurious, powerful car? Well it's right here...

What Exactly Will We Get?

We will get an aggressive looking car with its angular shape on the front and rear. An aerodynamic piece of art that will tear down the AMG GT. Triangular head-lights bound to make the car more aggressive. A mid-engined god that will grumble and rumble when the roof is down. It will give a thrill to evan a 15 year old. Aerodynamic cuts which contributes to the angular face. Brake disks bigger than the steering wheel. This will be the most emotional car ever built by Lamborghini. The aggressive side intakes that deliver a shadowing fearful effect to the car.Very much alike the Centenario and the Veneno combined. No offer the top front fenders that make the car fat, only smooth aggressive fenders. A sharp, aerodynamic front bumper that lies only a nose away from the floor. Coolers on the hood make it look like below the bonnet lies a lair of speed. The importance of this aggressive look is huge to the way the car is seen. The SVJ will scare someone even parked. But from the rear the aggression is taken to the next level. Sat behind the SVJ would be a treat and a scare. You will be exposed to its 7 exhausts, you will have a sight of the spoiler alike that of the Veneno, especially the wing supports.The rear covered in grills to support the massive 6498cc, V12 engine. The only slight drag is its weight. Unfortunately just looking at the SVJ Roadster it seem heavy, but, it seem heavier if you know that it weighs 1575Kg. But, reinforced by the Carbon-fibre Chassis and any carbon-fibre to replace any steel this contributes to the SVJ being able to do 0-60 in 2.9 seconds and a overall top speed of 218.mph. All this makes a conflict of emotions. But the interior is much more suttsle when it is crammed with all the innovative technology and a luxurious touch. The interior is planned to have a dash board coated with a smooth material. White leather with red stitching creates a border to the supercar luxury that lies within. By that I mean that we then have a soft plastic that suits the car like a sock. Ventilation controlled by a clockwise nob that as you turn the heat up turns more red. An effect which all cars should have! Glassed carbon-fibre covers the innovative speedometer that is surrounded by the SVJ statistic. It even has the sound of the radio! Moving under the driver has a range of buttons that controls certain statistics on the car. A classic steering wheel found on the Huracan and the pervious SV. You have a automatic call system on it and a knob to control the sound. Found all around the interior is a white ribbon stitching that once again contributes to the cars style and luxury. The centre console made of a smooth plastic and glossed carbon-fibre. This consists of its launch mode, luxury mode and its race mode... and of course the volume, aircon etc. The paddle-shifters made of pure steel causing a high-quality effect. This being a 7-speed semi-automatic. The seats plated with white leather and black leather. You must be prepared to take on the thumping brutality of the-clutch. With its new titanium inlet valves and the previous V12 engine, it has a peak of 729bhp. Higher than before. This also gives a broader range of torque. What can I say it's a masterpiece! With its big-boned richness this is Ferrari 812 Superfast level. Despite lightweight flywheel; throttle response isn't so breathtaking as the 812 Superfast. Any struggle around 2-speed corners is eliminated. The high pitched thrill in the Coupe is incredible, however, the thrill and excitement of the loud grumble in the convertible is something that not a Superfast can match. The 335mm rear wheels increase the grip and thrilling thrust given in acceleration. When dealing with this sort of thrust the normally aspirated delivers almost perfectly linear, so you don't feel like you have run over a grenade. Compared to all this aggressive mode, the strida-mode delivers a smooth, relaxing ride. So in conclusion, despite the price and absurd body-dimensions, the SVJ is set to line up a thrilling line of cars. The SVJ is the car that will truly define a Aventador with the perfect combination of luxury, looks and interior. The SVJ is a start to a set of exciting and thrilling set of cars.

Overall Rating:4.5 star rating


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