Screaming 440Hp/9.600Rpm Inline 6 powered BMW E30 coming from Lebanon

Naoum Oneissy returning in style with his tremendous E30 unit

After a 3 year Absence, we finally have the spectacular Naoum Oneissy returning to the Lebanese Hillclimb scene alongside his incredibe BMW E30 tuned by Mazen Zgheib. Powered by a highly tuned 3.0 version of the M3 E46 engine ( destroked S54 unit ), it is now producing around 440Hp at 9.600Rpm to move only 1000Kg.


Not one to let time affect his capabilites, Mr. Oneissy fought right away for the win at Roumieh Hillclimb being beat only by Roger Feghali (more on that later...) by a minimal margin of around 3 tenths. This is one we will keep an eye on with a lot of attention as our collaboration with MMS-Racing grow. Subscribe to their Channel to know more about the Lebanese Racing scene right here:


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  • PROPS!!! This car is right wicked and the driver knows how to extract every last ounce from that car. Everything is so right with this car. I WANT ONE and would drive it like that everywhere I went.

      1 month ago


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