Screaming Mini 1380 with BMW K1100 Engine Head

    B´s Racing Mini in all its Glory at Retro Rides Gathering

    This 1980´s Austin Mini is driven by Ben Bonfield of B´s Racing. Powered by a "Twin-Kam" Engine tuned by Specialists Components, it uses the original 1380cc Block but is fitted with a BMW K1100 motorbike engine head, in its most aggresive state of tune, producing around 165Hp/8.500Rpm. Moving less than 600Kg it makes for a properly quick machine.


    Add to that some goodies like AT Powerower shaftless billet throttle bodies, a Dog-leg Gearbox and completely revamped Suspension and Braking components, for a quite surprising final package. It was present on Retro Rides Gathering at Shelsley Walsh, showing its potential. And you can observe it here both from inside and outside, with an added Pedal Cam to fully appreciate the machine in action.

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    Comments (4)

    • Cool!

        1 month ago
    • If that was Mr.Beans ride, how much shorter would the episodes have been?

        29 days ago
    • Noice! Isn't that the hill where Hammond rolled his Nova in an ep of proper Top Gear?

        29 days ago
    • Sweet!

        1 month ago


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