Screens are one of the most fascinating things to ever happen to cars.

But the time has come to draw the line before it's too late.

What I have learnt over my time in the car world is that people are a bunch of whiny, overly negative, lying freaks. No need to thank me. What has been unfolding lately is a sort of future vision, I've said many times that the future of the car as we know it has never been so uncertain. And this 'vision' varies widely across the globe. As humans, we fear what we don't know. The future fits this ideology very well indeed, because we won't know the future until it becomes the present. We can predict though, estimate, sometimes even throw in a wild guess. In the car industry, technology is predicted to be a major part of the future. There are further advancements in the field everyday. But just how far is too far? Well that's the latest stress. And with this comes the great screen dilemma.

I love screens in cars. I think the whole idea of cramming so many capabilities and awesome functions into one little eight inch square is fantastic. But I agree with those who say that screens will kill our cars if they are not restricted to an extent. Different cars make different interiors, and so judging and exploring them all is a lot of fun. I'm afraid though, cars with all big screens can't be very unique, and could quite easily kill the joy of the fun and fancy car interior altogether. This must not happen, we have to allow the best technology to enhance the brilliance of the modern car, without spoiling it for us all. So what do we do, well I often look to a french brand when this whole scenario unfolds.

Citroen did it right:

Yes. My dad has a Citroen. I often credit the Citroen brand (and I know I'm not alone) as the funkiest and coolest designers of the modern age. The French platform for tech is great I must admit, but the awesome unique interior blends the in-car tablets with lovely shapes and compartments and the whole lot. And if that didn't make sense or I'm just sounding very boring, let the picture do the talking:

The widly impressive C5 Aircross

The widly impressive C5 Aircross

Yes. It's the long running MPV of the year, our own Grand C4 Spacetourer.

Yes. It's the long running MPV of the year, our own Grand C4 Spacetourer.

Doug DeMuro loves quirks and features, so I'm surprised he doesn't drive a Citroen....although he might idk I'm not a fan. You see though, Citroen has shoved some big tech stuff in there, and made it look great. Now of course looks are great but it has gotta work, which I can happily say it does. What we are seeing in recent weeks and months is manufacturer's rolling out big screens that stand alone, maybe the odd button and then plastic everywhere else. This is not good. Those who I do not credit for their latest interiors, and who fall directly into the design flaw category I just described.......


They are not good. bad build quality and no originality whatsoever. Why? Because they've filled the entire centrepoint of the entire car with a 20km long touchscreen, borderline TV. And all the functions and fun stuff are great, but there's something extremely important to remember about a car. The people don't sit on the outside, they sit inside the vehicle, and so it's gonna need to be a fairly nice place. And while the Tesla is nice, there is no excitement or key uniqueness in this:

Now in fairness the Model S is a LOT better, but Musk must know which we like and which we don't. But Elon can rejoice in hearing that someone has gotten the whole thing completely wrong beyond my belief:


If Janice from friends was hear right now, she would not be the only one saying "OH. MY. GOD." upon seeing the interior of the beautifully new yet retro Honda E. Before I rant, try and figure out what I mean from the picture:

Well? I mean it really is a dreadful piece of work. An IT consultant could never drive one of these or it'll be like they never left work. This is obviously the slightly more 'extreme' end of the screen scale, but I think that is just an overload, there is too much tech and too little car right here, and that just won't do. Shame really, because it takes away so much from what I have heard to be a brilliant little car. This is what I am stressing in this article though, people often dismiss the idea of all this tech as pointless worry, but if Honda can do it AND HAVE DONE, what is stopping the others from slowly adjusting to the same ways.

Now this article isn't exactly a totally interior subject, but more to do with the screens specifically. While they are the new centerpiece of our cars, playing a pivotal role in communications, functions and entertainment, it is very important to stress how they must be made fit the environments built for them by our beloved manufacturers, not have the cars (well the interiors) be built around them.

I probably didn't explain that very well......why do I bother.....๐Ÿคฃ

Thank you for reading nonetheless! Toodles.

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Comments (22)

  • That Honda has too much screens

      10 months ago
  • Well well,Peugeot is better than Citreon,I guess.What do you say??@Tribe

    Plus,VW also makes amazing and simple interiors.Love them

      10 months ago
  • All I need is a good head unit, a speedometer, a tachometer, a temp gauge, a fuel gauge, a clock, an odometer and a good head unit. Dacia does this very well actually (also their higher spec models with the infotainment system is kinda perfect. Direct replacement for the average radio of the mid spec models, has a radio with Bluetooth and USB, Sat Nav, reverse camera and some information about the car/how economical youโ€™re drivingโ€™s. Thatโ€™s all you need! (it does also have the normal instrument cluster too))

      10 months ago
  • I completely agree with you Aaron, technology is important but there should be a limit one shouldn't fit a Tv like screen every where,I wish for a more analogue interior.

      10 months ago
    • Good thing we haven't yet seen Supercomputer-sized screens๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

      And hope it doesn't come too๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

        10 months ago
    • yeah.

        10 months ago
  • Citroenโ€™s are awesome, my dads one was way pre screens, but had the hydropumatic suspension, miss that xantia

      10 months ago