Screwing Is better Than Rooting

Whipple Come On Form In 2016

4y ago

So PRI 2016 has brought some great announcements from Whipple this year. A good screw is far more efficient than a good root due to the internal compression of the screw, so first up is the new 2.9L Whipple for the Camaro This is Whipple taking the Heartbeat approach to SC design and going "over the top" with the airflow. Designed to curb the heatsoak issues the 1.7L roots type LT4 is seeing, it sees favourable gains over the LT4 when starting from an LT1.

Up next is the new front fed 4.5L twin screw with inbuilt throttle body

Back to the drawing board for the Blue Bogan? I likes me a good screw :)

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