Scribante Racing Porsche GT3R

This badass racing machine you see, used to be a standard road-going 997 Turbo that was transformed into something really special.

Taking a perfectly adequate 911 Turbo and chopping it up into pieces might sound a little absurd but the guys from Scribante Racing in South Africa had big plans. Instead of just buying a ready to go Porsche GT3 race car, they wanted to build their own monster instead and what a monster this turned out to be!

So to give you a quick rundown, the stock body was removed and a custom Carbon Fibre widebody was fabricated by V.A.D Design that makes this car look so aggressive as well as being very functional of course. They also commissioned a set of custom made racing wheels, which could fill the arches nicely, as well as being lightweight and strong.

There's other stuff too like massive AP Racing brakes, and some very trick suspension, which I can't give too much info about, top secret stuff you know.

Even the headlights were custom designed items, built in-house by the Scribante team, inspired by the RSR's lights. The motor was built to the highest standard and can easily pump out 1000HP if set at a certain boost level. This is all controlled by state of the art Motec electronics and tuned by master tuner, Marco da Costa of Phoenix Performance.

The car was still in major development this entire year, being a ground up build, so there were some teething issues here and there, but with every race meeting the guys did great improvements to the car, getting it faster and more reliable. One thing I can say is when this thing pulls, it pulls hard and makes the competition look like they're standing still. Just look at the attached video and you'll see what I mean!


How is that for outright grip and power! Lifting two fronts off the ground coming out of a corner!

Be sure to check back as we'll have more updates on this spectacular car next year!

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